ITAS Egypt

Who We are ..

Our company is composed of experienced engineers and technicians with specialized skills in Smart Solutions and building management Systems. 

ITAS was founded by a strong company renovation in 2012 to form a strong established technology company in the field of smart solutions .

Our Scope is to give our clients the best service and after sales support they may experience. Our management team has professional administrative qualities that can help the company in operating and dealing with customers and developers.


To provide state of the art technology and world class service in Automation Solutions, Energy Systems & Building Automation by networking and integration of electronic subsystems.


To see every Building equipped with the latest technology in Automation Systems and to reduce the gap between the market and the leading countries in the Green building.


Our engineers and most of our employees, all have smart solutions concept backgrounds. We understand that no matter how much integration takes place, if you are not comfortable with the technology, or find it difficult to use, then it’s not a smart home. That’s why we create a solution that complement and enhance your life style and the whole family can use and interact with.

We’re here to bring smart concept to your life, but there is even more to it. We live to make great-smart solutions affordable to everyone, and we do that by bringing together the best possible engineering talent with the most efficient manufacturing. We’re committed to the idea that home Control should always bring you the latest innovations in content delivery in a simple to use solution that works for everyone, while sounding outstanding.



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