Power Factor Correction

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Power Factor Correction

Power quality is critical to efficient operation of equipment. One contributing element to power quality is power factor.

When is Power Factor Correction right for you? Are you experiencing…

  1. Motor failure
  2. Electrical or electronic equipment failure
  3. Overheating of transformers, switchgear and cabling
  4. Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses
  5. Unstable equipment operation
  6. High energy usage and costs

How does Power Factor Correction work?

Power Factor is a measure of how effectively incoming power is used in your electrical system and is defined as the ratio of Real to Apparent (total) power where:

  • Real Power is the power that actually powers the equipment and performs useful, productive work.
  • Reactive Power is required by some equipment (eg. transformers, motors and relays) to produce a magnetic field for operation; however it does not perform any real work.
  • Apparent Power is the vector sum of Real and Reactive Power and corresponds to the total power required to produce the equivalent amount of real power for the load.



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