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Our Scope is to give our clients the best service and after-sales support they may experience. Our management team has professional administrative qualities that can help the company in operating and dealing with customers and developers.
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ITAS was founded by a strong company renovation in 2012 to form a strong established technology company in the field of smart solutions.
Our company is composed of experienced engineers and technicians with specialized skills in smart solutions and building management systems.


ITAS Information Technology strives to provide optimal use of technology and integrated business solutions to its customers, starting from basic networking infrastructure and ending with special applications. Therefore, we always strive to address the challenges facing the business activity of any of our customers by using integrated means to provide the best services.
We constantly maintain a level of quality service excellence and stay at the forefront of the latest innovations in our field in order to maintain our position with continuous development every day.

Knowledge and expertise

Our experts combine both knowledge and experience to develop the right IT solutions for your business to efficiently communicate and share information.


We are committed to outstanding performance and quality in everything we do and adhere to quality standards and industry codes. We also adhere to the necessary security and safety rules in our work. We keep pace with developments in technology and techniques, in order to provide tangible business value to our customers.

Technical Support

IT professionals highly experienced in integration and business solutions. We're here to bring a smart concept to your life, but there's more to it than that. We live to make great smart solutions accessible to everyone, and we do this by combining the best possible engineering talent with the most efficient manufacturing. We are committed to the idea that Home Control should always offer you the latest innovations in content delivery in an easy-to-use solution that works for everyone.

Solutions for every environment

Providing safety and security is your number one priority. We make that possible with industry-leading solutions suited for your every need.


Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions For Education & Grade Schools.


Integrated, Customized Video Surveillance Solutions For Improved Security And Operational Efficiency.


24/7 Coverage Of Physical Surroundings, Improving Safety And Increasing Operational Efficiency


Enterprise Security Systems And Surveillance Cameras For Airports.


Enterprise Security Systems And Surveillance Cameras For Gaming And Resorts.

Oil & Gas

Enterprise Security Systems And Surveillance Cameras For Oil & Gas


Designed To Meet Your Security And Operational Needs For Traffic Monitoring.

Safe City

When Public Safety Is At Risk, And Real-Time Decision Making Is Required, Cities Demand A Proactive Approach To Security And Safety.


Rugged Video Security Solutions For Corrections Fully Integrated With Common Industry Programmable Logic Controllers.

Our Services

Building Management System

Streamline and optimize your facility’s operations with our intelligent building management system for efficient energy usage and enhanced occupant comfort.

Security System Solutions

Protect your assets and ensure a safe environment with our advanced security system solutions, including surveillance cameras, access control, and alarm systems.

Hotel Guestroom Management Solutions

Enhance guest experience and streamline hotel operations with our guestroom management solutions, offering intuitive controls for lighting, temperature, entertainment, and more.

Smart Home

Transform your living space into a connected and intelligent home with our smart home solutions, enabling seamless control of lighting, appliances, security, and entertainment for a convenient and personalized lifestyle.

Network & Data Centers Solutions

Our comprehensive network and data center solutions ensure reliable connectivity, seamless data transmission, and scalable infrastructure to support your organization’s digital needs.

Industrial Automation and Control

Improve productivity and efficiency in your industrial processes with our automation and control solutions, integrating cutting-edge technology to optimize operations and minimize downtime.

Hospital Management Systems

Streamline healthcare operations and enhance patient care with our comprehensive hospital management systems, encompassing electronic health records, appointment scheduling, and billing management.

Solar System Solution

Embrace sustainable energy with our solar system solutions, providing design, installation, and maintenance services for solar power generation, reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs.

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Customer Service: At ITAS, customer service is paramount. Our dedicated team delivers proactive support, swift issue resolution, and a seamless experience. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations and fostering lasting partnerships.